Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not feelin' the love...

I know..I know. I'm a huge slacker. No posts since mid October? Eek! But the news in the market has been incredibly bad and I couldn't keep up the rah rah routine.

Things have picked up since the election which has been great! But I really would like things to turn around...NOW. I think every person involved in the real estate sector feels the same way.

My new mantra is "It could be worse." I might have NO business. Instead, I have 4 listings and a couple of buyers. I have buyers looking at my listings. I have people attending my Open Houses. I am deeply thankful that I live in DC. The market has been tough this fall but it's much worse in other places.

SO..I'm going to take a deep breath and be thankful. I'm going to have a great Thanksgiving. I'm going to have fun with family and friends. I hope everyone else gets to do the same!