Monday, August 24, 2009

The Importance of Insurance

That, my lovelies, is the ceiling in my guest bathroom after a fireman hacked it open. This image is what greeted me when I returned from vacation along with the news that there was a fire, a faulty sprinkler and a flood. What a trifecta!

Which leads me to the title of this post: the importance of insurance. We live in a condo building which has a Master Insurance policy. Every month, a portion of our condo fee goes towards the payment of the building policy. We also have a home owners policy that covers all sorts of stuff. Both will probably be used to deal with the results of this disaster.

The fire was on the 3rd floor in the unit next to ours. It wasn't a big fire but the sprinkler system went off in that unit. Unfortunately, one of the sprinklers had a malfunction. It spewed water for about 45 minutes (!!) down the side of the building, into the hallway, down the elevator shaft and into the units below. We missed all the action since we were out of town. From the reports of our neighbors, it's a good thing we were out of town because it was an unpleasant night. The fire alarm went off 3 times starting at midnight and ending at 7am. Ugh.

Thankfully, we don't have much damage. Wet carpet, a hacked up bathroom ceiling and some molding removal is the extent so far. But our place smells funkalicious and we slept on the couch last night. I was amazingly blase about the whole thing until I realized we had to sleep on the couch with Zazu the Kitty lurking. We could have gone down the hall or called some friends but I was beyond grumpy by that point. I wasn't going to inflict myself on the public.

Stay tuned for updates on the situation. Currently, we have 6 industrial strength fans and 2 humidifiers on full steam. It sounds like a wind tunnel in our condo. The hubby and I are constantly shouting "WHAT??" but we're adapting.


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