Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hood Happenings

Not everyone reads the news and the blogs as obsessively as I.  Here's some hood happenings:
POP spreads the news that Garden District is closing.  I hate when local businesses don't make it.  Makes me sad.

Metrocurean notes the new taqueria from the chefs at Masa 14 will be called El Centro DF.  I love the play on Federal District=Districto Federal (DF).  I'm such a goob. 
DC MUD has the scoop on Howard Town Center.  It *might* be done in 2015. They also broke the news about what's happening on the corner of 11th and V St, NW (above).  More condos.  Surprise, surprise!

*photos from Garden District FB page, Metrocurean and DC MUD

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