Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pho 14 is pho-licious

I've been reading Pop's updates on Pho 14 for the last several weeks. My hubby (Bobby) has been chomping at the bit to try it for over a month. He's been very excited about a local Pho place. Especially one that's only 1 metro stop from home..wohooo! As reported by Pop, it's yummy. We went for lunch today and I had a lovely bowl of Pho Ga (that's chicken soup for newbies to Pho). Today is perfect day for Pho because it's STILL COLD outside. Although I now smell distinctly like a bowl of Pho, I'm off to show property.

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Anonymous said...

Been there multiple times (only for lunch because you can't get any seats after like 5PM!!) I agree...I'm giving two thumps way up for the service and awesome taste!!